The Dyer Partnership Engineers & Planners, Inc. is actively searching for a qualified Construction Inspector. He/she will be responsible for working with the Project Manager, Local Agencies/Owners and Contractors to ensure municipal construction projects are built according to the approved plans and specifications, as well as the governing jurisdiction’s standards.

Primary responsibilities include:
. Inspecting all aspects of municipal utility projects including: roads, sewer collection systems, wastewater treatment plants, water distribution systems, water treatment plants etc.
. Documenting the work performed by the Contractor through Daily Inspection Reports.
. Documenting the work performed by the Contractor through project photographs.
. Keeping an accurate log of contract days used and remaining throughout the project.
. Verifying quantities of work performed each day and providing weekly Quantity Reports to the Engineer.
. Maintaining accurate records of personnel, equipment and material used on force account activities.
. Reviewing change order requests.
. Verifying materials delivered to the jobsite match the approved submittals.
. Walking the project ahead of the Contractor’s work schedule to identify potential unforeseen conflicts.
. Coordinating scheduling of soils, asphalt and concrete testing as required.
. Coordinating with the local residents regarding impacts of construction.
. Maintaining accurate as-built record drawings for the project.
. Advising the Engineer of the work progress and field issues as they arise.
. Working with the Contractor to provide updated schedules to the Engineer as needed.


To perform the job successfully, an individual should demonstrate the following abilities:
. Strong problem-solving skills.
. Confidently communicating and responding to feedback.
. Interacting positively and professionally with other employees, as well as Contractors, clients, industry professionals, and residents/business owners impacted by construction.
. Professional judgment to efficiently perform the inspection responsibilities with the least possible interruption to the Contractor/work progress.
. Maintaining a high degree of accuracy in all of his/her work and documentation.
. Excellent organization and time management skills leading to timely documentation and submittals.
. Ability to learn and retain new information quickly.
. Experience using Microsoft Office 2013.
. Ability to read scaled construction plans.
. Ability to read and understand construction specifications and contracts.
. Dependability and thoroughness.
. Ability to work hours dictated by the Contractor’s Schedule on short notice.
. Ability to work outdoors in various weather conditions.


Education, Experience and Training:
. Experience in Civil Engineering or Construction Management preferred.


Permanent, full-time licensed civil engineer with minimum five years' experience as a project engineer/project manager in the wastewater field.


Full-time licensed Engineer-in-Training (EIT) with previous experience in the wastewater field.


The Lebanon Oregon office of The Dyer Partnership Engineers & Planners, Inc. is seeking a Project Engineer and/or Engineer-in-Training who will work with senior engineering staff on municipal and water quality related engineering projects. Duties include the following:

  • Design portions of municipal civil engineering projects using AutoCAD Civil 3-D and relevant modeling software technology.

  • Perform and document engineering calculations.

  • Prepare technical specifications materials.

  • Work with members of the staff to complete design details and construction plan sets.

  • Perform research and write reports that are used in the completion of project planning, design and inspection.

  • Assist in the preparation of engineering and construction cost estimates.

  • Complete field observation, inspection, survey, and data collection duties as directed by senior engineering staff.

  • Communicate with client staff as directed by senior engineering staff.

The position requires a dependable, detail-oriented person who is able to multitask in a casual office environment that promotes both personal and professional development. The person must consistently maintain accuracy and quality in the work. The person in this position should be able to handle multiple demands, rapidly changing priorities, and work both independently or in a team environment. The candidate should have the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in Civil, Environmental or related engineering field.

  • Minimum: EIT Certificate, with PE Licensure preferred.

  • At least 3 years of experience with public works projects.

  • Good knowledge of AutoCAD Civil 3-D and associated tools.

  • Proficient in Windows operating system, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Capable of fieldwork on survey crews and construction sites.

  • Valid driver's license with an acceptable driving record.

  • All other tasks required to provide excellent service to clients, while helping to ensure the success and growth of the company.

Visit our website at to see samples of our work. Email cover letter and resume to Ryan Quigley at or mail resume and cover letter to: Ryan Quigley, PE, The Dyer Partnership Engineers & Planners, Inc., 1165 S Park ST, Lebanon, OR 97355

  • Bachelor's degree in civil, environmental or a related engineering field

  • Oregon PE license required

  • Strong technical report writing skills

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills

  • Project management experience

  • Previous experience working on municipal and water quality related engineering projects (at least five years)

  • Accuracy and quality shall be maintained in all work

At The Dyer Partnership benefits include a competitive salary, health, dental and disability insurance, vacation and sick pay, eight holidays per year, and 401K Employee/Employer retirement plan with Safe Harbor within a forty hour week. Please provide a cover letter and resume via email to



The Dyer Partnership Engineers & Planners, Inc. is southwest Oregon's largest engineering firm and focuses primarily on municipal water, wastewater and transportation projects for cities under 10,000 in population.

Excellent opportunities for professional growth and development. Competitive salary and benefits package. Oregon Driver's License is required. Position exposes employees to a wide range of hands-on civil and environmental engineering from project beginning to project end.

Our focus is on customer service and meeting the many and varied needs of our clients. AutoCAD 3D 2013, flexibility and creativity in engineering approaches, and good written and oral communications skills are all important in this relaxed, client-focused firm.

E-mail cover letter and resume to or mail resume and cover letter to:
Steve Major, PE, Principal
The Dyer Partnership Engineers & Planners, Inc.
1330 Teakwood Avenue
Coos Bay, OR 97420