PROJECTS   ››   Selected Experience In System Development Charges (SDC)

City of Sutherlin, Oregon

Water SDCs were completed in January 2008 to allow the process of funding upgrades and to replace the existing Cooper Creek Water Treatment Plant to accommodate growth for the next 10 years. Recommended distribution system improvements and a portion of planned upgrades to the Umpqua Basin Water Association water treatment plant have also been done in anticipation of these future projects.

City of Drain, Oregon

System development charges are utilized in the city of Drain, as in other cities, to fairly distribute the costs of building and maintaining water and wastewater systems. The city needs a fair way to pay for that portion of new development required to support new arrivals and for new infrastructure planned and required only because it is needed to accommodate new growth. Drain periodically reviews its SDC charges as do most cities, large and small. Population and equipment surveys were performed and assessed, and a revised (new) system development study was written to guide future planning for growth and needs of the community.

City of Bandon, Oregon

Updated SDCs were prepared for city services for Water, Wastewater, Drainage and Flood Control, and Transportation. In cooperation with City staff, a survey of existing businesses was compiled to project future service demands. Because of projected higher SDC fees requiring a public vote, several public presentations were required to educate the public on the purpose of and basis for the derived SDCs. In addition to providing education regarding the methodologies of the program, information was provided comparing the proposed Bandon SDCS with those of other similar communities. A unified method of assessment was also developed to streamline the SDC fee determination process for both City Staff and new customers.

City of Brookings, Oregon

SDCs were prepared for City Services for Water, Wastewater, Drainage and Flood Control, Transportation, and Parks and Recreation. Master plans were out-of-date so a new capital improvement plan was developed for all utilities. At the same time, revisions to ordinances were provided to enable the program. The wastewater SDC for Brookings required special analysis to accommodate the contractual arrangements with the Harbor Sewer District. SDCs are now being updated to accommodate increasing growth.