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Cooper Creek Water Treatment Plant and Westside Water Line

City of Sutherlin, Oregon

This USDA Rural Development-funded project in Sutherlin finished construction in 2014 within budget. Due to the fact the construction came in well under the funding amount, there were adequate funds to construct the Westside Water Line, which was included as an optional change order in the original contract. The water plant can treat up to 2,800 gallons per minute using a high solids removal treatment system. Use of mixed oxidant generation systems allows much better control of disinfection costs while avoiding the handling and storage of hazardous waste and security issues. It is a system well-suited to smaller treatment plants such as Sutherlin's. Additionally, reinforced concrete backwash basins, a complete water system SCADA for the City's entire water distribution system, pump stations and other improvements were made.

High Level Pump Station Replacement

Coos Bay-North Bend Water Board

This project included a Master Plan Update followed by the design and construction of the High Level Pump Station replacement. The new pump station included two 75 hp horizontal split-case pumps, standby generation, special security measures, SCADA controls and 700 lineal feet of new 18-inch ductile iron water main.

Water System Improvements

City of Drain, Oregon

This multi-phase project totaled over $3.2 million. Piping installations included approximately 9,000 lineal feet of 24-inch ductile iron and 650 lineal feet of 12-inch ductile iron, and 18,000 lineal feet of 2-inch PVC treated water transmission line, 1-inch PVC service lines (with fittings and all appurtenances). Other modifications include the installation of a new 290,000-gallon glass-fused-to-steel water tank, refurbishment of an existing 750,000-gallon welded steel tank, and upgrades to the water treatment plant.

Water System Improvements

Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians, Siletz, Oregon

A new glass-fused-to-steel 0.5 million gallon finished water reservoir was installed along with new booster pumps and a building to house them, with a new level sensor and radio telemetry system at the existing water reservoir and booster pump station, level sensors, and installation of 10- and 8-inch pipe via conventional trench installation, 300 lineal feet of 8-inch water line via horizontal directional drilling, with additional appurtenances. Due to the efficiency of the construction, the Tribe was able to afford additional work. This USDA Rural Development-funded water reservoir was completed in 2013.

Airport Infrastructure Improvements

City of Brookings, Oregon

This Economic Development Administration-funded project is in the bidding process and will provide necessary infrastructure improvements to the Brookings Airport and surrounding area in Curry County. to allow future development in a county that has lost many jobs in the lumber industry. Curry County has developed an airport master plan which includes the addition of several aircraft hangers and other improvements to facilitate the development of aircraft-related business activities at the airport site. In addition, this is the only airport potentially available in case of disaster in the county as a whole.

This project will provide water and sewer improvements to correct problems with low water pressure and volume and will eventually provide public sewer services that do not currently exist at the airport. Tank site construction consists of a new 0.5 MG glass-fused-to-steel water reservoir, site drainage improvements, and Spiralnail Wiretruss retaining wall system. A new water pump station will replace three current stations, and water and sewer lines will be installed (both by trench and horizontal directional drilling), along with pressure reducing valves and other necessary appurtenances.

Water Treatment Plant Upgrade

City of Myrtle Point, Oregon

Rehabilitation and refurbishment of the water treatment plant included complete reconstruction of filters, backwash system, valves, controls, and other improvements. An air/water scour backwash sytem was installed and updates were made to bring all system components to current standards. All new instrumentation was installed, as was an automated control system capable of producing up to 1.2 MGD. Amiad filters were used for pre-treatment, which was a first in the United States for this type of application.

Water Rights

Various Clients

Dyer has an Oregon-certified Water Rights Examiner (CWRE) on staff. We have filed permit extensions, claims of beneficial use, water rights transfers, permit amendments, progress reports and water conservation and management plans for a number of entities, including the cities of Bandon, Coquille, Heceta Water People's Utility District, Port Orford, Siletz, Gold Beach, Canyonville, Yoncalla, Waldport and Yachats, and Southwest Lincoln County Water District.